What kind of door do you use for a cold room?

For a cold room, you should use an insulated door that provides excellent thermal resistance. Brands like SIMPALL offer a range of cold room doors designed with features such as superior insulation, durability, and advanced safety measures to maintain optimal temperature and energy efficiency.

What kind of door do you use for a cold room

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Essential Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cold Room Door


When it comes to cold room doors, insulation is the cornerstone. Proper insulation ensures that the cold air remains inside, while outside heat and humidity are barred.


The insulation effectiveness is determined by the R-value, with a higher R-value indicating better insulation properties. A typical cold room door should have an R-value of around R-32 to R-40. The R-value essentially determines the energy savings you can expect from your cold room door.

Insulation Material

Common materials used for cold room door insulation include polyurethane and polystyrene. Polyurethane often has a higher R-value compared to polystyrene.


The durability of a cold room door plays a critical role in its overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Material Quality

Most top-notch cold room doors are made from stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum. The durability of these materials ensures that doors can withstand the stresses of constant use without warping or breaking.


A well-constructed cold room door should ideally last between 15 to 20 years, depending on its usage frequency and maintenance.

Size and Design

Size and design are imperative for both operational efficiency and aesthetics.

Standard Sizes

Cold room doors come in standard sizes ranging from 3×7 feet for pedestrian doors to 6×8 feet for larger equipment access. It’s crucial to measure the doorway before making a purchase.

Custom Design Options

Some manufacturers offer custom design options, allowing for a blend of functionality and visual appeal.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient cold room doors directly impact operational costs.

Power Consumption

A typical cold room door, when used appropriately and with the right insulation, should use approximately 500-700 kWh per year, which translates to significant savings in electricity bills.

Cost Implications

By choosing an energy-efficient cold room door, businesses can expect to save up to $300 annually in energy costs.

Safety Features

Safety can’t be compromised, especially when dealing with temperature-sensitive commodities.

Auto-Close Mechanisms

Most modern cold room doors come with auto-close features, ensuring that doors aren’t accidentally left open, compromising the cold room’s internal temperature.

Alarm Systems

Some advanced doors feature alarm systems that notify personnel if the door is left open for an extended period.

Cold Room Door Solutions

SIMPALL’s Role in Cold Room Solutions

Introduction to SIMPALL

SIMPALL has emerged as a leading manufacturer of cold room solutions over the years. With a focus on innovation, SIMPALL delivers top-quality cold room doors that blend functionality with design.

History of SIMPALL

SIMPALL began its journey in the late 1990s, intending to provide high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient cold room doors. The company has since grown to serve customers across the globe, earning a reputation for its superior product quality and customer service.

Product Range

SIMPALL offers a comprehensive range of cold room solutions, including various door sizes and types.

SIMPALL’s Contribution to Cold Room Technology

SIMPALL has been at the forefront of implementing advanced technology in the design and manufacturing of cold room doors.

Innovation in Insulation

One of SIMPALL’s significant contributions is its breakthrough in insulation technology. Using a proprietary polyurethane blend, SIMPALL doors achieve R-values of up to R-45, significantly higher than the industry average. This superior insulation leads to energy savings of up to 25% annually, which translates into considerable cost savings for the business.

Durability and Longevity

SIMPALL’s use of premium materials like stainless steel ensures the doors’ durability. An average SIMPALL door boasts a lifespan of around 20 to 25 years, which is 5 years more than industry counterparts. This durability and extended lifespan add immense value to the business, reducing replacement and repair costs.

Smart Safety Features

SIMPALL has integrated advanced safety features into their door designs. Auto-close mechanisms, combined with innovative alarm systems, ensure optimal temperature maintenance and enhance the cold room’s security. The alarm systems not only signal open doors but can also indicate temperature fluctuations, adding an extra layer of protection to your cold storage goods.

Exploring SIMPALL’s Range of Cold Room Doors

Overview of SIMPALL Cold Room Door Models

SIMPALL offers a diverse range of cold room door models, each designed with a particular usage scenario in mind.

SIMPALL Standard Cold Room Door

The Standard Cold Room Door model from SIMPALL is a versatile and popular choice. It’s available in various sizes, from 3×7 feet for pedestrian access to larger sizes for equipment access. It’s perfect for most conventional cold storage applications.

SIMPALL Heavy-Duty Cold Room Door

The Heavy-Duty model, crafted with extra-durable materials, is designed for high-traffic usage. Its superior build quality ensures it can withstand continuous, rigorous usage without compromising insulation or energy efficiency.

SIMPALL Customizable Cold Room Door

For unique cold storage needs, SIMPALL offers customizable cold room door options. These doors are tailored to fit unusual sizes or incorporate specific design elements, providing both practicality and aesthetics.

Key Features of SIMPALL Cold Room Doors

SIMPALL cold room doors are packed with innovative features to enhance their performance and efficiency.

Superior Insulation

All SIMPALL doors utilize a proprietary blend of polyurethane for insulation, offering an R-value of up to R-45, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety features include an auto-close mechanism and advanced alarm systems, contributing to both temperature maintenance and security.


Long Lifespan

The use of premium materials like stainless steel and top-notch manufacturing practices contribute to the doors’ longevity, with an average lifespan of 20-25 years.

Advantages of Choosing SIMPALL Cold Room Doors

Choosing SIMPALL cold room doors comes with a host of benefits for your business.

Energy and Cost Savings

Due to their superior insulation properties, SIMPALL doors can lead to energy savings of up to 25% annually, translating to significant cost savings.

Durability and Lower Maintenance

The exceptional durability of SIMPALL doors means lower maintenance and replacement costs over time, adding to the overall value for your business.

Customization and Versatility

With the possibility of customization, SIMPALL doors can meet unique business needs, providing a versatile solution for various cold storage requirements.

Real-World Application of SIMPALL Cold Room Doors

Case Study 1: Large Supermarket Chain


The supermarket chain with over 300 stores nationwide was dealing with rising energy costs due to the poor thermal resistance of their existing cold room doors. Their existing doors had a low R-value (thermal resistance value) of only R-10, leading to a significant energy loss.


The supermarket decided to install SIMPALL’s “Standard Cold Room Doors” with an R-value of R-45. The doors also featured a modern design, and an advanced safety system, including an auto-close mechanism and internal release system.


Post-installation, the supermarket saw a reduction in energy costs by 35%, dropping from an annual expenditure of $1 million to $650,000. The higher R-value doors maintained an optimal temperature of 2°C (35.6°F), improving the shelf-life of perishable goods.

Case Study 2: Large Seafood Processing Plant


The plant, operating 24/7, faced significant issues due to the lack of durability of their existing doors. Frequent repairs and replacements were disrupting operations and affecting the plant’s production timelines.


They replaced their existing doors with SIMPALL’s “Heavy-Duty Cold Room Doors,” designed to withstand high-traffic and rigorous usage.


The new doors, resilient to the heavy usage, reduced maintenance costs by 50%, saving the plant around $200,000 annually. Moreover, the maintained temperature at -18°C (0°F) ensured high-quality seafood processing and storage.

Case Study 3: Boutique Winery


The winery wanted to blend aesthetics with functionality. Their existing doors did not match the cellar’s unique design and failed to maintain optimal temperature for wine storage.


SIMPALL’s “Customizable Cold Room Doors” came to the rescue. The doors were tailor-made to match the cellar’s design and size, ensuring a balance between aesthetics and performance.


The winery achieved an optimal storage temperature of 13°C (55.4°F) with their new doors, enhancing the quality and shelf-life of their wines. The custom design attracted compliments from their customers, adding to the overall customer experience.

What type of door should you use for a cold room?

Use an insulated door, such as those from SIMPALL, which provide superior thermal resistance and advanced safety measures.

What is the typical lifespan of a SIMPALL cold room door?

SIMPALL cold room doors are incredibly durable, with an average lifespan of 20-25 years.

How much energy savings can SIMPALL cold room doors provide?

Due to their superior insulation, SIMPALL doors can lead to energy savings of up to 25% annually.

What type of material is used for SIMPALL cold room doors?

SIMPALL uses a proprietary blend of polyurethane for insulation and premium materials like stainless steel for the door's structure.

How do SIMPALL doors contribute to cost savings?

The superior insulation of SIMPALL doors can lead to energy savings of up to 25% annually, translating to significant cost savings. Additionally, their durability results in lower maintenance and replacement costs.

What safety features do SIMPALL cold room doors include?

Safety features in SIMPALL doors include an auto-close mechanism and advanced alarm systems, contributing to both temperature maintenance and security.

Are SIMPALL cold room doors customizable?

Yes, SIMPALL offers customizable cold room door options tailored to fit unusual sizes or incorporate specific design elements.

What is the insulation rating (R-value) of SIMPALL cold room doors?

SIMPALL cold room doors offer an R-value of up to R-45, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.
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