How much does it cost to stack doors?

How much does it cost to stack doors?The cost to stack doors varies depending on the type of doors and the specific project requirements. On average, it can range from $500 to $1500 per door, including installation and hardware. However, for an accurate quote, it’s best to consult a local contractor or supplier.

How much does it cost to stack doors


Definition of Stack Doors

Stack doors, also known as stacking or folding doors, are a series of doors that, when open, slide and fold away neatly into a discrete stack. Often used in commercial and residential applications, they provide an innovative solution for creating large, open spaces that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor areas.

Types of Stack Doors

Different types of stack doors are available, catering to various architectural needs. The most common ones include:

  • Bi-Fold Stack Doors: Often used in residential settings, these doors are hinged in pairs and fold onto each other.
  • Sliding Stack Doors: These are generally seen in commercial properties. The doors slide along a track and neatly stack upon one another.

The specific dimensions and specifications of stack doors vary significantly based on design and requirement. A standard bi-fold stack door might measure around 2100mm x 1800mm, though custom options allow for a broad range of sizes.

Purpose of Stacking Doors

The primary purpose of stacking doors is to create flexible, expansive, and unobstructed spaces that allow for a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

Enhanced Natural Light and Ventilation

By using stacking doors, the allowance of natural light into the space is significantly increased, as well as providing a free flow of air, contributing to an improved indoor environment. On a sunny day, a stack door system can reduce electricity costs by minimizing the need for artificial lighting.

Improved Aesthetics and Space Utilization

The unique design and functionality of stack doors not only add a modern aesthetic appeal to a property but also contribute to the efficient utilization of space, by allowing an area to be quickly opened or closed off as needed.

The cost of installing a stacking door system can vary, depending on the size, material, and complexity of the system. On average, the price can range from $300 to $1000 per linear foot, including installation.

Overview of Stacking Door Systems

A stacking door system is a complex assembly of individual door panels, tracks, seals, and a stacking area where the doors accumulate when opened. The materials used for these systems can range from aluminum and wood to UPVC, each offering different advantages in terms of durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost.

Lifecycle and Maintenance

The lifespan of a stacking door system typically ranges between 25-30 years with proper care and maintenance. This includes regular cleaning of the tracks and seals, periodic checks for alignment, and timely repair or replacement of any worn-out components.

Speed of Operation

The speed of operation is an essential consideration in commercial settings. A standard stack door system can be fully opened or closed in under a minute, providing quick and easy access when needed.

Stacker Doors vs Sliding Door

Factors Affecting the Cost of Stacking Doors

When considering the investment in stacking doors, it’s important to understand the various factors that contribute to the overall cost. These can range from the materials used in construction to additional features and customizations.

Material and Construction

The choice of material significantly impacts the cost, durability, and appearance of the stack doors. Commonly used materials include:

  • Aluminum: Highly durable, low maintenance, and weather-resistant. These doors typically cost around $600-$900 per linear foot.
  • Wood: Offers a traditional and elegant look. The cost can vary widely based on the type of wood, typically ranging from $800 to $1,200 per linear foot.
  • UPVC: This is a less expensive option, costing around $300-$500 per linear foot, but it lacks the strength and longevity of aluminum or wood.

Size and Dimensions

The overall dimensions of the door system also play a key role in determining the cost. Larger doors require more material and specialized installation, leading to higher costs. For instance, a standard 2100mm x 1800mm bi-fold stack door might cost around $1,200, while a larger 2100mm x 3600mm door could cost upwards of $2,500.

Design and Style Options

The design and style of the doors can also affect the price. Simple, straight-line designs are generally less expensive, while complex, curved or custom designs will cost more. The style and color of the finish can also impact the price. For example, a basic white finish might add $200 to the cost, while a custom color or wood-grain finish could add $400 or more.

Additional Features and Customizations

Extra features and customizations can significantly increase the cost. These may include:

  • Glass type: Standard clear glass is the least expensive option, but you may choose to upgrade to double-glazing for better insulation, or tinted glass for increased privacy. These options can add an extra $100-$300 per square meter.
  • Hardware: The cost can vary depending on the type of handles, locks, and other hardware chosen. High-quality stainless steel hardware could add an additional $100-$200 to the cost.
  • Installation: Depending on the complexity of the installation, labor costs can range from $100-$200 per hour.

Cost Comparison with Other Door Types

The cost of stacking doors often draws comparison with other popular door types, such as sliding, folding, and French doors. Here is a detailed cost analysis comparing these types of doors.

Stacking Doors vs. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, consisting of one or two door panels, are a cost-effective solution for those looking to save on budget. A standard-sized sliding door made from UPVC can cost between $200 and $400 per linear foot, significantly less than a stacking door system. However, they don’t offer the same level of openness and seamless transition that stacking doors provide. Moreover, stacking doors offer a higher degree of flexibility and style options compared to sliding doors.

Stacking Doors vs. Folding Doors

Folding doors are similar to stacking doors in terms of functionality, as they also provide an expansive, unobstructed view. However, their cost tends to be slightly lower, with prices averaging between $400 and $700 per linear foot. The primary difference is that folding doors fold back onto themselves, while stacking doors slide and stack neatly parallel to the wall. Each type has its own aesthetic appeal and space requirements, which could influence the final choice.

Stacking Doors vs. French Doors

French doors add a classic, timeless look to any home, but their cost can vary widely depending on the material and design, ranging from $600 to $1,500 per set. Unlike stacking doors, French doors don’t offer the ability to create large, unobstructed spaces, as they typically consist of two door panels. However, they are a suitable choice for those looking for a mix of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality.

Here is a tabulated comparison for quick reference:

Door Type Average Cost per Linear Foot Key Features
Stacking Doors $300 – $1,000 Large, unobstructed spaces, high degree of flexibility
Sliding Doors $200 – $400 Cost-effective, limited opening
Folding Doors $400 – $700 Expansive view, lower cost compared to stacking doors
French Doors $600 – $1,500 per set Traditional aesthetics, limited opening


Average Pricing of Stacking Doors

Determining the average price of stacking doors involves considering several variables including the material used, the size of the door, and the associated installation costs.

Price Range for Different Materials

The material used in the construction of the doors is one of the most significant factors influencing the price. Below is a rough estimate of the costs associated with different materials:

  • Aluminum Stacking Doors: $600 – $900 per linear foot
  • Wood Stacking Doors: $800 – $1,200 per linear foot
  • UPVC Stacking Doors: $300 – $500 per linear foot

Cost Variances based on Door Size

The size of the stacking door system also has a direct impact on the cost. Larger doors require more material and labor for installation, hence are more expensive. For example, a standard 2100mm x 1800mm bi-fold stack door might cost around $1,200, while a larger 2100mm x 3600mm door could cost upwards of $2,500.

Factors Influencing Installation Expenses

Installation expenses can vary depending on several factors:

  • Complexity of Installation: Complex installations that involve modifying the existing structure or installing large, heavy doors can increase labor costs. Installation labor costs typically range from $100-$200 per hour.
  • Location: The cost of living in the installation area can impact the labor costs. Installation in urban areas with a high cost of living tends to be more expensive than in rural or suburban areas.
  • Additional Hardware: The need for additional or high-end hardware like locks, handles, or weather seals can add to the overall installation cost.

What are stacking doors?

Stacking doors are a type of sliding door system where multiple panels slide and stack behind each other to create a wide opening.

How much do stacking doors cost?

The cost of stacking doors varies, but on average, it can range from $500 to $1500 per door, including installation and hardware.

What factors influence the cost of stacking doors?

The cost is influenced by factors like door material, size, brand, additional features, and local market rates.

Are stacking doors energy-efficient?

Stacking doors with proper seals and insulation can be energy-efficient, reducing heat transfer and improving insulation.

Can stacking doors be installed in all types of buildings?

Stacking doors are versatile and can be installed in various buildings, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Do stacking doors require special maintenance?

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning tracks and lubricating rollers, ensures smooth operation and longevity of stacking doors.

Are stacking doors secure?

Stacking doors can be secure if they are equipped with robust locking systems and made from sturdy materials.

Can I customize the design of stacking doors?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for stacking doors, allowing you to choose materials, colors, and configurations to suit your preferences.
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